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Mini Quick Trimmer - PMA - Case trimming Tool

PMA Tool

  • $92.50

Our Mini Quick Trimmers are a great way to trim your brass by hand or under power. These trimmers index off the case shoulder and are intended for trimming a couple of thousandths of material off at a time. They are a great choice for shooters who like to ensure their brass is of uniform length for every loading, and make a great tool for keeping in your range box for emergency trimming if you load at the range.


To adjust the Mini Quick Trimmer, simply loosen one set screw and using a case pre-trimmed to your specific length, slide the cutter to touch the case mouth. Tighten the set screw securely and you are ready to go. You should never need to adjust the cutter again. 

 This Quick Trimmer is available in a variety of sizes to suit different calibres and case shapes - please select your calibre from the list.

The driver is also available separately to allow the trimmer to be driven by a battery drill or driver

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