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Harrells Precision - Arbour Press - Hoplon Precision

Harrells Precision - Arbour Press

Harrells Precision

  • $315.00

The Harrell’s Precision Arbor Press features everything you’d expect in a portable arbor press for bullet seating or neck sizing. This arbor press features a large diameter rack and short, stubby gears on the pinion. All parts are CNC machined from quality materials like stainless steel, brass and aluminum. The pinion is brass and is encased in a brass bushing, resulting in a very smooth stroke. Arbor press head machined from solid aluminum and is secured to the upright shaft via a high strength ABS plastic handle.

Many reloaders have varying tastes in how they want an arbor press handle oriented. To accommodate these varying tastes, the Harrell’s Arbor Press features the ability to change the location of the handle. The pinion is secured in the arbor press by two “E” clips, to change the position of the handle, simply remove the clip on the opposite side from the handle, pull the handle / pinion assembly out of the aluminum head and reinstall in your preferred position. This feature also allows for left-handed use if so desired. A great, smooth, arbor press.

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