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Bullet Puller - PMA - 6mm PPC/BR/Grendel

PMA Tool

  • $150.00

If you reload for competition, inevitably you are going to need to pull a few bullets from time to time. This has been a chore for a long time, requiring you to remove your loading die from your press and use a plier type bullet puller or pull them in an even less savory method.

The idea for this bullet puller came from a very good friend and customer John Crawford. In one of our many conversations John had mentioned a very good bullet puller that he had made that eliminated the need for pliers or a press. This bullet puller is one piece and completely self-contained. With his permission we started making them and they are available now.

To use the bullet puller simply drop the loaded or dummy cartridge into the false chamber, tighten the clamp on the bullet, and back out the false chamber by unscrewing it from the main body. A few rotations and the bullet is free from the case. Loosen the clamp and the bullet drops free. The bullet comes out undamaged.

While bullets are undamaged, PMA does not recommend shooting pulled bullets on record targets.

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