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If you are looking for improving your aim and rifle technique through training, you’re in the right place!

The Founder of Hoplon Precision, Murray Hicks, is the current National Benchrest Champion, a title he has held now for multiple years and he’s passionate about passing on his decades of experience and expertise through Hoplon Precision’s training courses to all who are interested in improving their game.

Hoplon’s training courses are offered for a number of different ability levels, covering reloading in a classroom setting through to one on one coaching to help you get the most from your gear. All courses are designed to improve your existing skills, no matter how basic or advanced they may be, and are taught by Murray personally, so you know you are in the best hands possible to improve your shooting.

Our product pages also include short videos to provide you with a few tips and tricks to improve your shooting. This content is added to regularly so be sure to keep an eye on our site for updates, or sign up to be notified of new content in this area.

For more information about our training calendar or one to one sessions please contact us at

Why train with Murray?

Murray’s impressive history of accurate and competitive target shooting begins at the tender age of 11 when he bagged his first trophy at the Harry Madden Championship in Brisbane way back in 1986.

He continued from strength to strength, winning his first National championship in Kwinana WA, whilst still 11 years old, with a DGA Shilen action with a Hart barrel, chambered in .22 PPC in an alloy RTM skeletonised stock, with a Leupold 36x scope, along with a small group trophy at 100 yards in Light Varmint with a 0.210

Since then, Murray has competed at over 15 national championships and now holds enough points to be inducted into the Australian Benchrest Hall of Fame at Number 31.

The past 8 years have been sensational and he has seen his hard work and determination pay off – with the honour of representing Australia being given to him no less than 6 times. Once in Rimfire and five times in Centrefire Benchrest and he has competed in the last 3 World Benchrest championships: 2011 in Volmerange, France, 2013 in Sydney, Australia, and 2015 in St Louis, USA, where he recorded his best ever finish, coming 3rd outright in the 2 Gun.

Along with his current Australian National Title for Heavy Benchrest and Sporter, he also holds the 3 Gun and 4 Gun trophies, along with several current National records.

Long range bench rest is another favourite of Murray’s and he has successfully competed in 500m Fly, 1000yd bench rest and F-Class competitions, winning the Heavy Gun shooter of the year 2003 in 500m Fly and following up the following year winning the Light gun shooter of the year 2004 (with that trusty DGA Shilen no less).

His most memorable competition is the 20th Anniversary Federal Cup in 2010 at the Majura rifle range in Canberra. This was a special match, going back to the original 10 target format, and Murray secured 1st place.

Murray also loves 1000yd bench rest in Australia and had the opportunity to travel to the USA to compete in their 1000yd National Benchrest championships at Hawks Ridge - North Carolina.

This vast experience coupled with his determination to build on these successes and add to an already phenomenal record in rifle shooting make Murray one of the best teachers and coaches for improving your own skills and technique.