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Useful Information and Links

Here you will find a collection of useful information on a variety of reloading and shooting subjects. Over time we hope you will find this information helpful.

Hoplon's Cartridge Corner - learn about cartridges we have worked with and the rifles that use them - Cartridge Corner


March Scopes -

March Scopes - 2020 Catalogue

March Scopes - Spec sheets  (all scopes)

March Genesis - Brochure

Articles and Reviews 

3-24x52 FFP Review - Target Shooter UK
5-40x56 FFP Review -
5-40x56 FFP Review - Gunmart 

Woodchuck Den - Wealth of Information on 17 and 20 cal cartridges.

Berger Bullets -

Berger Twist rate stability calculator -


Bureau of Meteorology - Interactive forecast chart - what will the wind and weather be doing around Australia -


Shooting Disciplines and Information

Benchrest Bulletin - if it is anything to do with benchrest in Australia, you will find it on this site.

Precision Rifle Australia -

Membership, calendar and information


Precision Rifle NSW -

Membership, calendar and information.


Precision Rifle QLD -

Membership, calendar and information.