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XXL Die Adjuster w/ Thumb Screw Upgrade - PMA - 1.5"x12

PMA Tool

  • $200.00

For as long as we've been reloading we've always hated setting up our full-length sizing dies. We've been using shims to help this along for quite a long while now, but have not really been pleased with them. It seems we always misplace them, or can't find the ones we need, or grab the wrong ones, and they always seem to be covered in rust. For as many years as we've been doing this, we've always been looking for a better way. After searching off and on for a solution to this nagging problem we finally have a workable solution. The PMA Micro Die Adjuster.

The success of the standard 7/8 die adjuster has lead us to develop a larger version for 1.5" dies.

The PMA Tool XXL Die Adjuster (MDA) replaces your existing lock ring and can be used with nearly any 1.5 x 12 full-length sizing die, such as 50 BMG dies made by RCBS, Hornady and others. 

It allows you to easily make adjustments to your “shoulder bump” as fine as .0005”. The engraved marks on the MDA are equal to approximately .001” (true adjustment .000992”) of adjustment to the shoulder bump. Splitting the engraved marks is therefore approximately equal to .0005”. 

**Includes Thumb Screw Upgrade for locking the adjustment in place

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