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Neck Expanding Mandrel - Stainless Steel

PMA Tool

  • $25.00

Our Neck Expanding Mandrels are designed to fit both the 21st Century Shooting and Sinclair Expander Dies. Our mandrels are longer than other expanding mandrels and feature a special dual taper which expands both on the up and down stroke of the press to more uniformly expand and straighten case necks.

 Expanding Mandrels are available in the following calibers:

17, 20, 22, 6mm, 25, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30 and 338

These mandrels are perfectly matched to suit our turning mandrels, they are sized to allow for the spring back in the brass and to maintain a snug fit on the turning mandrell, allowing consistent neck tension and uniformity during the turning process.

Also available in our Neck-Up mandrels for 22cal – 6mm and 6mm – 30cal. Perfect for necking 220 Russian up to 6mm for PPC and 6BR up to 30 caliber for 30BR.

If you are doing a lot of turning and why not check out our carbide turning mandrels - they maintain dimensional accuracy over a wide temperature range.

Mandrel Markings

Our mandrels are marked as follows, the numbers represent the calibre:

17 = .177

22 = .224

24 = .243 ( 6mm)

25 = .257

26 = .264 (6.5mm)

27 = .270

28 = .284 (7mm)

30 = .308 (7.62mm)

33 = .338

Stainless Steel

N30 - N = Neck turning, 30 is calibre, so an N30 is a Neck Turning 30 Calibre

X26 - X = Expanding, 26 is calibre, so an X26, is an expanding .264 (or 6.5mm) 

X24X - is a special Neck-Up mandrels to go from 22cal to 6mm in one step, Perfect for necking 220 Russian up to 6mm for PPC

X30X is a special Neck-Up mandrels to go from 6mm to 30cal in one step. Perfect for necking 6BR up to 30 calibres for 30BR.


C24 - C = Carbide Turning, 24 is the calibre, so a C24 is a carbide turning .243 (or 6mm) mandrel.

CX24X - Carbide Expanding, 24 from 22 to 24 in one step.

CX22 - CX = Carbide expanding, 22 is the calibre (.224)

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