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Quick Case Checker with 1 case gauge - Shoulder bump gauge

PMA Tool

  • $195.00

The PMA Tool Quick Case Checker is perfect for checking and setting the amount of bump you have when full length resizing your brass.

The PMA Quick Case Checker is an easy to use tool to help quickly set up full length sizing dies. The idea behind this tool is not a new one as they have been sold by a few different manufacturers over the years. The most recent iteration of this tool is the AccuGage We wanted to make them with the usual PMA twist, adding the fit, finish and flare you expect from PMA.

Tool includes dial indicator. Available with case gage (limited cartridges available) or without case gage. In addition to PMA Case Gages, this tool will accept case gages from LE Wilson and Sheridan Engineering. It will also accept many home or gunsmith made case gages, provided they are 1" in diameter.

Using this gage in conjunction with a PMA Die Adjuster on your sizing die is a time saving and accurate way to get your sizing die set.

 Cartridge selection for gage:

PPC Family - 22 & 6 PPC, 30 Major, Grendel

BR Family (30°) - 22, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 30 BR, BRX

BR Family (40°) - Dasher, BRA, any 40° improved BR

Creedmoor Family - 22, 6mm, 6.5 Creedmoor and Lapua x47 series including 22x47, 6 x 47, 25x47, 6.5x47, 7x47 and 30x47

308 Family - 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7mm-08, 308 Win

284 Family - Cartridges based on 284 Win

If the calibre you are after isn't shown, please look under Wilson Case gauges.

The gauge is so simple to use it is child's play.

Drop a fire case into the shell holder, insert the shell holder into the gauge and record the reading, full-length size that case and reinsert into the shell holder, and gauge and record the difference. 

Nominally you are only looking to bump 0.001-0.002" for best results.

One great way to test this remove your firing pin from your bolt.

Insert a sized case and close the bolt, you should start to feel slight resistance on the bolt handle from about 1/2 way closed. if the bolt handle falls closed, you can reduce the amount of bump.

You shouldn't have to size more than 0.002" for this to happen, if closing the bolt is still tight, DO NOT SIZE any further, seek expert advice.

You may need to adjust for your particular chambering by resetting the bezel (the movable outer ring). Your nominal head-to-shoulder length can be inferred from fire-formed cases, and the bolt feel. (For aesthetics you may wish to adjust the depth of the dial stem slightly via its set screw until nominal chamber zero is vertical.)

The dial indicator foot is center-recessed to avoid inaccuracies due to slightly protruding fired primers.

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