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Quick Case Checker - Case Gauge Only

PMA Tool

  • $33.50

The PMA Tool Quick Case Checker is perfect for checking and setting the amount of bump you have when full length resizing your brass.

If you already have the Dial indicator and want to use it with other calibres then these are the case gauges to suit other calibres. 

Cartridge selection for Case Gauge:

PPC Family - 22 & 6 PPC, 30 Major, Grendel

BR Family (30°) - 22, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 30 BR, BRX

BR Family (40°) - Dasher, BRA, any 40° improved BR

Creedmoor Family - 22, 6mm, 6.5 Creedmoor and Lapua x47 series including 22x47, 6 x 47, 25x47, 6.5x47, 7x47 and 30x47

308 Family - 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7mm-08, 308 Win

284 Family - Cartridges based on 284 Win

PRC - 6.5, 7 and 30 PRC

If the calibre you are after is not shown, please look under Wilson Case gauges for other options. 





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