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Copper Solvent - Pro Shot - 8oz - Hoplon Precision

Copper Solvent - Pro Shot - 8oz


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For the best results when cleaning your rifles barrels

The Proshot solvent is the choice of many top shooters around the world for removing copper fowling from their barrels.

Our tips

We only use Proshot copper solvent these days in most of our barrels, from go to whoa.

When we say a wet patch - that is a patch soaked in Proshot - 6-10 drops are usually enough.

Always make sure your first patch is nice and wet with Proshot - a dry patch will stick in a dirty barrel and we don't want that.

Push 2-4 wet patches (Proshot solvent is used through the barrel to get rid of all the loose carbon and the patches are coming out without any carbon.

On the next patch, we will work this one back and forward on 2-4 inch strokes just to make sure all the loose stuff is out.

One dry patch to get everything out

Then we will brush with a Bronze or Nylon brush - the choice is yours. We generally use bronze. 6-8 strokes if enough. We then let that sit for 5-10 minutes.

After 5-10 we then run 2 dry patches through to clean out the barrel.

Now we get a nice sloppy patch and we work that patch 2-4 inch strokes and reasonably vigorously by the time you get to the muzzle you want to see that patch covered in a nice white foam.

Now let that soak for 5-10 minutes.

When you clean that one out, take note of the colour of your dry patch. Make sure you use a Trace Erase jag to avoid getting a false copper indication.

You want to see no colour on your patch. If you see blue on your patch start the process over, repeating that last stage again.

Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness! Keep those barrels clean!


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