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No Oil Lube - Delta Carbon

Delta Carbon

  • $45.00

This is a new neck turning and case neck lube (for making bullet seating more uniform) from Delta Carbon.

The lube is applied by simply dipping the case neck into a few drops of the liquid, or using a fine brush. It is used sparingly and will dry without any stickiness or residue.

No more having to use alcohol to clean cases and remove sticky wax/oil-based lubricants. No More powder kernels clogging up the neck if they aren't cleaned properly.

This water based lubricant does it all.

No oil can be used for the following applications:

– Neck turning

– Expanding case necks with Mandrel.

– Inside neck lube to improve bullet seating friction. (See AMP seating press test below by F class John).

We have tested the lube and have found you can expand case necks with the lube and it will also improve bullet seating without another application.

The turned finish on the neck turned cases is as good or better than any other product we have used, without the oily residue 

Ships in a 50Ml bottle.

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