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Neck Turning Tool - PMA - Model A

PMA Tool

  • $275.00

The PMA Neck Turning Tool is the best neck turner available today. You know why you need or want to neck turn, but with so many different models on the market, which do you choose? The factors determining your choice of neck turning tools essentially boils down to three key demands; ease and repeatability of adjustment, comfort of use and cut finish. This tool absolutely satisfies these demands.

The PMA tool is our Neck turning tool of choice at Hoplon Precision for all of our neck turning needs.

The PMA neck turning tool does not use a course or fine drive screw to move the cutter towards or away from the mandrel. We don’t utilize an unnecessary micrometer or dial indicator. Nor do we rotate the mandrel on an eccentric which changes the center of the cut and has inconsistent adjustment. Our Model A simply adjusts by moving the mandrel toward or away from the stationary cutter with VERY minimal backlash. The Model A utilizes a super-fine 80TPI drive screw giving you .0002” adjustment between each mark, the marks have ample space between them allowing you to make adjustments as fine as .0001”.

The "Standard" neck turners are available in 20, 30 and 35 degrees.

Available in the following configurations:

  1. 20˚ cutter for 308 family and 338 Lapua
  2. 30˚ for a wide variety of cartridges. BR, PPC, 6.5x47 and most RSAUM
  3. 35˚ for 284 and WSM family cartridge

Here's for the Non-standard Cutter.

  1. 17.5˚ cutter for 30-06 family
  2. 20˚ cutter for 308 family and 338 Lapua
  3. 23˚ cutter for 223 family
  4. 28˚ cutter for 22-250 (also work for 6mm Rem)
  5. 40° for short-neck cartridges such as the 6mm Dasher
  6. 40˚ for improved cartridges
  7.  25° for 300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag

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