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Barrel Vice - Redback 2 Bolt - Model 2 - Tuners and Brakes

PMA Tool

  • $129.50

When it comes to changing barrels, we have done it a couple of times.

We now stock the Australian made Redback Precision Barrel vices.

The model 2 - Redback vice use a 2 bolt clamping design but is more suited to barrels fitted with Muzzel brakes or tuners, It can also be used for standard barrels.

This Vice is NOT recommended for use for removing Orignal Factory Barrels, as they usually installed 

Use Instructions

The vice is clamped to the bench, using G Clamps or similar strong clamps.

The barrel is inserted and clamped, paper can be wrapped around the barrel to prevent marking of the barrel surface finish, ensuring only the barrel is clamped and the stock and scope has clearance to rotate.

Firmly tighten both bolts evenly.

Insert the appropriate action wrench (sold Separately) 

Using the T bar or socket drive, depending on the action wrench style rotate the action counterclockwise to loosen the barrel.

Remove the barrel from the clamp and holding the rifle vertically barrel up continue to lose and remove the barrel by hand.

Clean the action as required, this can be a good opportunity to clean the locking lugs and action threads.

Prepare the new barrel to be inserted, fully clean the threads and apply your preferred lubricant to the threads to prevent galling. Avoid applying lubricant to the flange face of the barrel, only the threads.

Install the new barrel by hand into the action and tighten by hand.

Install the barrel back into the Barrel vice, and re-clamp the barrel as per the original clamping instructions.

Using the action wrench and T handle or torque wrench turning clockwise to tighten the barrel, tighten to the action manufacturers recommended torque.

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