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BAT Neuvo - Hex End Action Wrench

BAT Neuvo - Hex End Action Wrench

PMA Tool

  • $150.00

Some shooters and gunsmiths really prefer to use a torque wrench when installing barrels because they want to maintain the exact same headspace each time they swap a barrel back. For those who prefer to use a torque wrench we offer hex end action wrenches. We manufacture ours from stainless steel because we prefer to use a material that is rust resistant, strong, and most importantly, softer than the actions and barrels we are fitting together.

Our Hex Style Action Wrenches feature a 5/8" hex which allows installation of barrels while the action is still in most stocks. This is important to those who have "glue-ins" and like the security of torquing their barrels. We recommend the use of a non-ratcheting (low-profile) torque wrench if installing barrels with the action in the stock.

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