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Barrel Vice - Hoplon Precision

Barrel Vice - PMA tool Gen 2 - 4 Bolt

PMA Tool

  • $150.00

When it comes to changing barrels, we have done it a couple of times.

We have had a lot of requests for a quality barrel vice without powder coating. So we did the simplest thing we could, got on the phone with Bob Pastor aka "The Viper" and had him make some for us. We get our Viper Vises naked and un-assembled, bead blast them the way Kelbly used to and put them together with the same TLC the Viper does. The bead-blasted aluminium grips the barrel tightly and without marring the barrel. 

Includes hardened bolts and nuts, return springs and mounting holes.

Note: These are designed for Benchrest, Target and Custom Rifle use only.

These vices use 4 clamping bolts for the strongest grip on the barrel and to prevent slipping and marking of the barrel.

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