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Stablifeet - reduces one of the big frustrations for Benchrest shooters

Posted by Murray Hicks on

As a young tacker travelling to shoots with my family, I distinctly remember the metallic thump of shooters setting up there rests and hammering the spikes on their rests into the concrete bench tops, that was 30 years ago but was common practice for the day.

Nowadays, many ranges have replaced or resurfaced benchtops and hammering the spikes on your rest is no longer acceptable.


Most ranges now make the use of pads to protect the benchtops from the spikes and provide an alternative method to grip the benchtop and prevent the stand from moving.

But these were easily lost, and a right pain to set up under the spikes every time you rotate benches.

Now PMA have eliminated the setup issue and the feet getting lost by changing the design of the spikes to make the feet captive, wherever the rest goes so do the feet.

Setup is now a dream.

Now in stock for Farley rests, Seb rests coming soon.





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