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Stock Moccasins - Stock protectors

PMA Tool

  • $50.00

Avoid solvents and cleaning rods from damaging your stock during cleaning and maintenance.

No matter what we've done with the traditional "stock boot" we've always been disappointed. The back corner always sticks up and gets worn ragged within a year of use. So we decided to do something about it. 

The PMA Stock Moccasin still features the quilted absorbent exterior with a vinyl interior to protect the stock's finish but is more form-fitting and pliable to better fit today's modern Benchrest stocks as well as most of yesterday's favorites. It features an open-bottom design with a shock cord closure in the front to keep it from moving. Most importantly, the back end of the Stock Moccasin is shaped with a round top, eliminating the annoying point that rubs against the cleaning rod.

As seen in the photos, the cleaning rod clears the Stock Moccasin and does not rub the corner. 

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