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Stabli feet - Leg Screw and Pad Upgrade Kit for Farley Rests - Hoplon Precision

Stabli feet - Leg Screw and Pad Upgrade Kit for Lenzi Rests

PMA Tool

  • $170.00

Most ranges now require the use of super feet pads under the spikes on your front rest.

For years this has something else you have to carry to the line, costs valuable time setting up between relays, not to mention something else to loose along the way,

PMA tool has solved the problem, very simply, by attaching the feet to the bottom of the leg screw. 

No more lost time, lost super feet, and frustration setting up.

This Kit for Farley Rests includes 3 leg screws, 3 stabilfoot bases, 3 stainless lock nuts and hardware to attach the stabilfeet to the leg screws.

Note: Will also work for Hart, Caldwell, older Sinclair Cast Rests. Any rest with 3/8-16 leg screw threads.

Available with 2" or 3" pads.

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