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Rod/Bore Guide Inserts - PMA

PMA Tool

  • $30.00

Sometimes you want to use multiple cleaning rods, one with a jag and one with a brush when cleaning.

These are the Aluminium inserts for the rear of the rod guide so you can leave them on the cleaning rods and quickly swap from one rod to the other and ensure correct alignment is maintained.

We use aluminium for our rod guide insert, this allows us to hold a tighter tolerance on the inside diameter ensuring support for the cleaning rod. Aluminium also lets us give the end of the insert a nice, sharp, clean knurl for pulling the insert out of the guide (it also allows us to make the inserts in beautiful blue colour).

The Inserts are sized to suit the cleaning rod size: 

17 Cal (grey)

20Cal (gold)

22 Cal (blue) (usually covers 22 to 7mm cleaning applications)

30 Cal (covers 30 cal and up)



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