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Powder Measure Stand - PMA - Hoplon Precision

Powder Measure and funnel Stand - PMA

PMA Tool

  • $125.00

We've listened to our customers and have added a swivel feature to the top mount. This swivel enables you to position the powder measure wherever you need it with full 360-degree rotation without the need for tools to lock it into place.

The powder measure stand and funnel stand is one of the most overlooked items in your reloading area, but it supports one of the most important tools you own.

We understand the features that are important for a powder measure or funnel stand. Some handloaders (particularly Benchrest shooters) have a rather defined set of needs. Most Benchrest shooters need a stand that is transportable, adaptable and relatively compact. That’s why we designed our stand to be rigid, lightweight, able to quickly breakdown to 12” x 3.25” x 1.25” (smaller if necessary) and able to accommodate bench tops up to 5” thick. It will adjust from .75” above bench height to 7+” and features non-marring bench contact surfaces.  It is also rather attractive if we do say so ourselves.
These features also work well for the apartment dweller with limited reloading space or the handloader without the luxury of a dedicated reloading room or area.
The improved stand has a hole to support the NEW PMATool Powder funnel and drop tube.
 as well as being well suited to support Harrells Precision and other clamps on style powder measures. 

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