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Panda and Remington Hex End Action Wrench - Hoplon Precision

Remington 700 and Clones, Surgeon, Definance - 0.700 bolt Hex End Action Wrench

PMA Tool

  • $125.00

Do you run a switch barrel rifle, or have a new barrel fresh from your gunsmith you want to install in your rifle? Then our hex end action wrenches are just what you need.

Some shooters and gunsmiths really prefer to use a torque wrench when installing barrels because they want to maintain the exact same headspace each time they swap a barrel back. For those who prefer to use a torque wrench, we offer hex end action wrenches. We manufacture ours from stainless steel because we prefer to use a material that is rust-resistant, strong, and most importantly, softer than the actions and barrels we are fitting together.

Our Hex Style Action Wrenches feature a 5/8" hex which allows the installation of barrels while the action is still in most stocks. This is important to those who have "glue-ins" and like the security of torquing their barrels. We recommend the use of a non-ratcheting (low-profile) torque wrench if installing barrels with the action in the stock.

These action wrenches suit Remington 700 2 lug actions and all clones, Panda, Surgeon, Defiance, Stiller etc with a 0.695-0.700" bolt.



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