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Expander Die Body with Lock Ring - PMA - Hoplon Precision

Expander Die Body with Lock Ring - PMA

PMA Tool

  • $60.00

Expanding the case neck is an important step in the neck turning process, but many reloaders are finding case neck expanding equally important even if not neck turning. Running new brass over an expanding mandrel as a part of your case prep routine is always a good idea. This step irons out any dings and prepares the case mouth for deburring and uniforms neck tension.

Our Expander Die Body is as simple as they come. Drop the Expander Mandrel in the top, secure it with a set screw and you're ready to go. The set screw in the top allows the user to choose to free-float the mandrel or to lock it tightly in place.
Utilizes 3/8" shank expander mandrels from PMA Tool, 21st Century Shooting and Sinclair International.
The die uses the industry standard 7/8 x14 thread. 
Comes complete with a ReddingTM  Lock Ring

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