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Cleaning Cradle - PMA - Double rifle for rifles with 3" forend  - Xtra Long for F-Class, Long Range, and ELR rifles - Hoplon Precision

Cleaning Cradle - PMA - Double rifle 3" standard length - Standard Length for short range benchrest and rimfire rifles 16" long

PMA Tool

  • $270.00

Our double rifle cleaning cradle is more than just bolting on a couple of extra saddles, it was designed from the ground up, based on our single cradle. Using the same tie bar and protective saddles, we widened the base and created new uprights to support the saddles, making the cradle as narrow and light as possible, while retaining all the protective and non-slip features from our single unit.


These cradles have double 3" front saddles configuration to accommodate multiple classes of rifles for centerfire and rimfire Benchrest competition.

The spacing allows the rifle to be positioned where it is very stable, having seen Rifles with heavy profile barrels fall forwards out of other cradles on the market and land heavily on their scopes, I can assure you that is not something anyone wants to see happen.

If you have a stock with a longer fore end please select the XL version.

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