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Action Cleaning Tool Kit - Hoplon Precision

Action Cleaning Tool Kit - XL Size

PMA Tool

  • $150.00

The PMA XL Action Cleaning Tool is our answer to getting rid of the yuck and grit we all get in our actions during competition and everyday field use.

This Kit is suited for larger actions this kit is 20" long.

This tool cleans the internal surfaces, raceways and lugs recess of our rifle actions after field use and cleaning.

Other action cleaning tools mostly just push that debris around. We wanted to make a tool that would actually get rid of the crud. After a lot of testing by several shooters with various sizes of die-cut foam, patches, felts and cotton rolls by several shooters with various bolt action types (Remington 700 and all clones, BAT 2 and 3 Lug, Kelblys, Halls, Barnards, Winchesters and Savages) we determined that the best way to clean the lug recess area of a bolt action rifle is largely up for individual interpretation.

What we all agreed on however was that the foam disc is far superior to felts and cotton rolls, what we disagreed on to a certain extent was what diameter foam and whether or not a patch placed on top of the foam added to the cleaning performance. In the end we decided to include two different sizes of foam discs.

We received a lot of help from a good friend and customer with our handle.

Rather than using a generic plastic screwdriver handle, the handle on our action cleaning tools are CNC machined aluminum with a very grippy silicone tubing sleeve captured within the contour of the aluminum. The result is a tool handle that feels soft and comfortable and does not slip in your hand.

We offer our lug recess action cleaning tool as a complete kit that also includes a chamber cleaning handle and cotton swab, for ensuring that your chamber is completely dry after cleaning.

Cleaning discs are also available separately in your choice of 1” and 1.25” diameter in a five pack.



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