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48 x 52mm High Master - SFP - Fixed Power - March


  • $2,990.00

The March fixed power 40x, 50x and 60x were the first models produced by the Deon Optical Corporation from Japan. They have some unusual, yet simple design features. They have became 'the Benchrest standard'.

These have now been superceded by the next generation of fixed power scope, the 48x featuring High Master lens.

The March BR Scopes have an innovative internal design to prevent any unintentional shift of the POA. This design philosophy has been incorporated in the development of all March scopes. In addition to a superior mechanical design, March BR Scopes are fitted with high-quality extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses. These lenses provide greatly improved image resolution, even under high magnification.   

The whole scope body is machined from one solid billet of special alloy. This is expensive, yet essential. The lenses are special ED technology. Extra-low dispersion lenses as used by the very best Japanese camera and microscope makers. The lenses are permanently glued into place and the whole design contains no plastic parts. All metal and glass. Finally, the tube is filled with Argon gas.  Tube diameter 30mm and objective lens 52mm. Finally, these scopes are carefully assembled by hand, one at a time, by engineers with 30 plus years of experience. Each component is perfectly matched and assembled by hand. This is why these scopes do not move the point of aim unintentionally at all.

* Pricing: We try to be as accurate as possible with out pricing, But a fluctuating AUD makes that challenging. So we have to say Pricing subject to change. 

Low stock levels are currently held in Australia, so most March scopes will be Made to order, particularly  FFP scope. If you need a scope urgently please email or call to confirm stock levels. 

We always do our best, but some of these things are out of our control. 

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