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Barrel Micrometer - PMA / Woolum's Accuracy - Hoplon Precision

Barrel Micrometer - PMA / Woolum's Accuracy

PMA Tool

  • $270.00

Several years ago a Canadian gunsmith/shooter friend suggested that we make a barrel micrometer like the one he had made for himself.  We sought out the help of Dale Woolum Jr. of Woolum's Accuracy to help us with the final dimensions and the PMA/Woolum's Accuracy Barrel Micrometer was born.

Gunsmiths have been using barrel micrometers like this one for decades and the instructions really couldn't be easier. Simply drop the correct Go Gauge into the previously installed barrel, slip the barrel micrometer over the tenon, and record that measurement. Remove the Go Gauge, back the micrometer off, and place the included 1" hardened steel ball on the cone and record that measurement. Once the tenon is cut on the new barrel, you use the measurements from the old barrel to cut the new chamber and cone without ever removing the barrel from the lathe or screwing the action onto the barrel.

The PMA / Woolum's Accuracy Barrel Mic Features:

  • Helps you get your chamber and cone cut quickly and accurately
  • Brown and Sharpe Micrometer head (MADE IN THE USA)
  • Includes hardened 1" steel ball
  • Specifically designed to work for Bat and Panda Actions but will work with tenon max diameter 1.075" and lengths of .75" - 1.25"
  • All that you need is a "Go-Gauge" and any barrel that has already been chambered for that action.

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