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Primer Pocket Squaring Tool - PMA - Hoplon Precision

Primer Pocket Squaring Tool - PMA - Small Primer Pocket

PMA Tool

  • $54.00

Consistent ignition is critical to consistent accuracy. Beyond choosing the correct components, the best way we can affect ignition is to make sure our primers are seated firmly and consistently shot to shot. The easiest way to make this happen is by uniforming primer pockets. By uniforming we mean to make them all the same, this does not mean make them all shiny at the bottom and it does not mean making them flat there either. A uniform primer pocket is flat and square where it counts, where the cup meets the brass. This tool does just that.

Our second-generation primer pocket tool ships preset to our preferred depth, but is adjustable to enable the user to square the bottom corners of the primer pocket of brass. This operation gives the primer a square corner to seat against encouraging consistent ignition. It is not intended to "cut" brass flat all the way to the bottom of the primer pocket as this would be too deep for consistent ignition and could lead to misfires. It is also used to clean the primer pocket after subsequent firings of the brass and to prevent the pocket from becoming too short or irregular. 


  • Carbide cutting tool
  • Preset to minimally cut the bottom corners on small rifle primer pockets
  • Adjustable depth via a "jack screw" in the rear of the tool
  • Cushioned, silicone gripping area for comfort and grip
  • Available Power Screwdriver Adapter

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