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Panda and Remington Action Wrench - T Handle - Hoplon Precision

Panda and Remington Action Wrench - T Handle

PMA Tool

  • $160.00

These action wrenches have the features we prefer in an action wrench.

They are rear entry only, meaning that regardless of your port configuration you can use this wrench on almost any Kelbly, Remington, Stiller, Pierce, Shilen, Savage, etc… As long as the action is a two lug and has a roughly .700” diameter bolt, this wrench will likely work (accept for Winchesters).

They are machined from stainless steel so they are strong, won’t rust and won’t damage your action or barrel. They have an upward bend to clear your stock and scope eyepiece. Lastly, these action wrenches include an 18” long handle! This last feature eliminates the need for a second tool (end wrench or socket wrench) to torque the wrench, eliminating the chance for a second tool slipping off and damaging a stock, scope or action.


NOTE: This wrench is not intended for the removal of the factory installed Remington barrels. For removing factory installed barrels on these actions a hardened wrench is preferred. To remove barrels from Savage actions, the use of a Savage barrel nut wrench may also be required.

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