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Barnard - Model P - 3 lug Action Wrench ( T - Handle) - Hoplon Precision

Barnard - Model P - 3 lug Action Wrench ( T - Handle)


  • $95.00

The Barnard Model P-3 lug action wrenches are strong and light, with the Action insert is machined from Aluminium for corrosion resistance and also so it is softer than the action and the T Handle from Stainless Steel.  

The "T" Handle and Action wrench come as a complete set.

The action wrenches are designed to allow the installation of barrels while the action is still in most stocks. (Depending on the size of your cheekpiece) This is important to those who have "glue-ins" and like the security of torquing their barrels.

Be aware that most factory barrels are installed extremely tight. This Action wrench is best used with an action that has been setup as a switch barrel configuration by your gunsmith, who has already removed the factory barrel.

In any case, we strongly recommend using the action wrench with our 4 bolt barrel vice to firmly grip the barrel avoid the barrel spinning. 

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