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Accugauge - shoulder bump gauge - Hoplon Precision

Accugauge - shoulder bump gauge


  • $165.00

The Accugauge is perfect for checking and setting the amount of bump you have when full length resizing your 6PPC.

The gauge will arrive set-up for a nominal PPC headspace of 0 on the indicator dial face. You may need to adjust for your particular chambering by resetting the bezel (the movable outer ring). Your nominal head-to-shoulder length can be inferred from fire-formed cases, and the bolt feel. (For aesthetics you may wish to adjust the depth of the dial stem slightly via its set screw until nominal chamber zero is vertical.)

The piston can be used with all PPC cases with necks less than 269. The dial indicator foot is center-recessed to avoid inaccuracies due to slightly protruding fired primers.

The bump gauge is not just for 6mmPP and can be used with other calibers by replacing the 1-inch diameter PPC piston by a Wilson case gauge of the desired caliber.

The gauge is so simple to use it is child's play.

Drop a fire case into the shell holder, insert the shell holder into the gauge and record the reading, a full-length size that case and reinsert into the shell holder, and gauge and record the difference.


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