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March 15% off Sale - 1-14th March 2022

Posted by Murray Hicks on

As a proud March Scopes Dealer, we are here to help during the Global March scopes sale, passing on the full 15% discount to all customers.

This price is for all March Scopes.

If you would like to make and order please contact us through our website, email ( or call Murray directly on 0404 33 9999. We will be very busy during this time, so if you can’t get through by phone please send us an email about your interest and ask for us to call you back.

For the Special orders it is 25% deposit up front and we add it to the purchase orders going to DEON Optical in Japan. They have let us know the wait for build but could be just over 3 months they are saying. When your scope arrives here you pay the balance. A 3 month wait is well worth this discount.

Looking forward to helping you with any questions you might have.




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